Top Reasons To Purchase Genuine Canon Ink

Genuine Canon ink and toner bring out the best in your printer and will produce better quality printing results. Many suppliers create counterfeit ink made to look almost identical to the name brand kind, similar to fake purses, looalike watches and counterfeit Picasso paintings. But, the lookalikes quality, when compared to the real thing, couldn’t be further apart. While the counterfeit might be boasted at a cheaper price, it can create leakage, blocked printer heads, inferior image quality and poor performance. Here are some ways to identify a genuine Canon cartridge and tips about how to avoid those pesky counterfeits.

Only Buy From A Trusted Vendor

While fakes are meant to look similar to the original, it may be almost impossible to duplicate every nook and cranny. Like a lookalike designer purse, you will find slight variations in comparison to the original. The initial tip is to only purchase supplies from a trusted vendor, since product packaging may be so similar. Go to retailers that you know, and have heard about and can trust. Even though it may be enticing at first to get those online deals by anonymous companies, they’re known to dupe you into buying counterfeits.

Check the Packaging for the Security Seal

Various printer companies are recognized for their holographic seals and unique packaging. While mysterious retailers have a keen eye for duplicating some of these packages, there are still minor differences you can look for to avoid the imitation product. Tilt the box to inspect for the security seal. Look to find if the seal behaves in the manner it should, as stated by the manufacturer. Advice and help are available for identifying genuine packaging and what to consider with the security seal from some major brands, like Canon ink.

Look For Residue On The Exterior

Check out the cartridge for ink splashes on the outside. Original vendor products will never have any deposits on the exterior or inside the box. When examining toners, there must not be any damage or dust either. Many products have got a pull-tab seal, usually across the head or ports. Check to make sure this is still intact. If the tape seal isn’t there, it may not be an original product.

Watch For Bad Quality

Exceptional printing quality, bright colors and accurate text are things genuine ink is recognized for. It might clog, leak or print in distorted text or inaccurate colors, if you have a fake cartridge. Be on the lookout when printing to check the quality of output. If you notice bad quality or leaking, contact the manufacturer to find out if you were sold a counterfeit. You can expect prompt customer service since the printing industry strives to keep imitation products out of the market. Reduced page count is another indicator of an imitator cartridge. Many of them will offer you an approximate page count that the product will last. If the supply runs out at a sharp decline of the estimated page count, it’s a sign that you may have purchased a counterfeit.

Protect Your Printer by Using Genuine Ink

Imitation products could be a hassle, particularly if you are looking for lasting quality and great results. Fake cartridge create low quality images, even at their best. At their worst, they can cause damages to your printer with bad leaks and jams. By inspecting your cartridge for these signs and by using genuine Canon ink, you’ll be able to protect your wallet and your printer.

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4 Popular Questions About HP Ink Cartridge Expiration

You might be aware, after a certain amount of time, that ink has an expiration date or that supply companies have inserted cartridges with something to cause them to cease working. The simple fact is that an HP ink cartridge usually doesn’t have an expiration or warranty. However, a small percentage of them still do and it’s feasible for the cartridge to stop working with time or to relay a warning message. If expired, it can impact the overall printing experience. Here are four common questions that are asked and what you must know about ink expiration.

How Does it Work?

There are many cartridges that contain a built-in date of when they will stop working. Most of the time, the cartridge goes past the warranty date. But, prior to the expiration date, there’ll be other factors that could cause it to stop working. Many damaging variables can occur due to improper storage, like water evaporation and air ingestion. Older ink used in newer printing systems, where the print head and supply are separate, can also effect the delivery components. When the supply is used until levels are empty or run completely dry might also negatively affect your printer. Which is the reason warning messages are given to let the individual know when levels are low.

Why Have a Built-in Date?

In order to ensure print quality and protect the printing systems, a built-in date is often given. It can go bad after a specific amount of time, much like food or dairy products with use-by dates. If the container still has ink in it on that day, a warning message will more than likely display or it will stop operating. This will affect a small percentage of older HP ink cartridge supplies, even though most don’t have a warranty at all.

What Printers Have Warranty Dates?

The expiration is printed on all relevant supplies as a warranty ends date. According to the kind of supply and the type of printer, the printers that use the warranty dates will vary. For many, this process isn’t applicable. It’s most popular with older brands and printers. To find out which printers use this system, it’s best to check with your supplier.

Can You Override the Warning?

By overriding the warning message, you can continue to print without switching the cartridge. Instructions found in the user manual, on your printer or on the warning message on the computer screen will need to be followed. However, overriding the message might not stop your supply from not working. It is best to treat the warning like you would for a low ink level warning and order replacements to have on hand when or if they stop working.

Prolong the Life and Avoid Expiration

An HP ink cartridge may or may not have a warranty, but there are some things you can do to prolong the life either way. When not in use, you are able to clean the residue with a damp cloth or cotton puff and put a piece of clear wrap or tape on the top of the head. Store the head in a small plastic bag, eliminating as much excess air as possible before zipping it up. When it’s not in use, this should prevent it from clogging or drying out, and could increase the time you can use it before concerns come up.

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Reasons That People Purchase The Lexmark Toner

When you are considering shopping for ink for your printer, you want a product that will provide you with excellent print quality, time after time, in an affordable package. With regards to your professional reputation, having a sharp, clear image printed on a page speaks volumes. Lexmark toner materials are highly sought after by both businesses and consumers alike, for these exact reasons and even more. Combining constant performance with a storied brand name, these items have proven themselves as the right choice for myriad printing needs and situations.

A Brand You Can Trust

Lexmark understands one or two things about printers and printing. They have been manufacturing printers and ink cartridges for longer than 20 years. Indeed, their name has grown to be symbolic of the printing industry. They were on the list of forerunners, once part of IBM, in the creation of the laser inkjet technology. Developing these printing supplies and toners was a natural extension for them, and the company devoted much of the latter part of the decade to improving and expanding its product line. They also concurrently devoted resources to coming up with new toner and print-system designs, most notably a “shake-free” technology that has been revolutionary in the industry.

Reliable Images Every Time

Their items are better known for their long life and consistent, even printing quality-even down to the last drops of ink in a cartridge, because of the company’s research and development. You’ll consistently have a dark image on paper, along with outstanding character clarity for the life of the cartridge when using Lexmark toner. Lexmark prides itself on “being good to the last drop of ink,” whereas some toner technology may start to emit ink inconsistently on the one-quarter-full mark. In short, you can be sure that all of the ink in the cartridge is going to be used effectively.

The Best Cartridge For Every Job

Due to the company’s history and mass production capabilities, they are able to offer numerous goods that are priced well without compromising on quality. But, there are basically hundreds of Lexmark products available on the market for basically every printing job. The company provides a comprehensive selection to choose from, whether it is colored ink or black ink, or perhaps white ink. Their toners and cartridges are compatible with their own line of printers, obviously, but they’re also compatible with most other brands on the market today.

Doing The Correct Thing

Lexmark began an award-winning cartridge return and recycling program quite some years ago that has been incredibly successful at diverting these items from landfills, due to their products’ proliferation on the market. Officially known as the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP), the program has been accountable for reusing or recycling millions of used cartridges every year. In the same lasting spirit, the company uses post-consumer recycled materials when manufacturing their toner cartridges whenever possible. They also make an effort to incorporate eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing operations on the whole.

Shopping Made Simple

Because they are so recognizable in the marketplace, Lexmark toner products are available in multiple outlets, from office stores to drug stores to online retailers. Making them a far better deal, many retailers offer special discounts on these items. However, it’s imperative that you make sure that you’re purchasing official Lexmark products in order to get the quality you’re looking for. Finally, as part of the company’s LCCP, some sellers will give you discounts on new toner supplies when you return your used supplies to them. No matter where you buy these items, their reputation and performance can’t be beat.
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Buy HP Toners Online Or In-Store

Printing a very important document only to see that your printer is low on toner may be one of the most annoying things to experience in an office environment. There is nothing more annoying than pulling a paper from the printer, to see that its print and images are faded. Keeping a comfortable supply of toner on hand isn’t difficult, but it could be a hard thing to remember. There are plenty of options to choose from, when you’re looking to stock up on printer toner. It’s clearly great to have choices, but when looking for HP toner it can be overwhelming ensuring you find the right one. To make sure you go with one that will give you just what you need, here’s a couple things that you can do.

First of all, be sure you know what kind of toner to buy, because there are many different kinds available. Just buying the right brand doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically have one that will be compatible. For example, buying any HP toner won’t necessarily cut it, when you have an HP printer; you’ll want to make sure the cartridge will be compatible with the particular printer you have.

You may even see that there are choices in generic brands that seem like they will work. But, it is best to go with the manufacturer-recommended cartridge, unless you know for sure that a generic cartridge will work in your printer. You can usually refer to the owner’s manual of the printer in question to determine which kind of toner to get.

When purchasing toner, you can look around to make sure you get the best deal. You can either shop online or at a brick-and-mortar shop. It all comes down to your personal preference, since neither is actually better than the other. Many people like the convenience of shopping online, while others prefer the human interaction a store gives. Regardless of which way, make sure that you don’t go with the first location you see, since it might not benefit your wallet. If you’re replacing the toner in several printers, or if you’re simply looking to stock up for a while, you may benefit from asking if there are bulk discounts available. It’s also smart to factor in possible shipping charges to your total, if you’re buying online. Plus, you don’t want to be stuck with a large supply of the incorrect cartridges, so make sure they have a return policy.

It isn’t tough to install the printer cartridge, however it is still important that you get it right. Make sure you follow the instructions when putting the cartridge in; you may ruin it if you fail to do it properly. So long as you stick to the directions properly when installing it, your toner should give you the sort of performance you need. If you’re unsure about whether you’ll be able to insert it appropriately, seek someone out in the office who has experience in this area.

There are plenty of places to turn when it comes to buying HP toner for your office. Just as you would with another investment for your business, you’ll do best to put thought and research into your options. When you’re deliberate in your actions, you’re able to get what you’re looking for. To avoid the frustration of half-printed or faded pages, look into your choices for stocking up on toner cartridges and avoid this problem in the future.

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Printing High Quality Checks Using MICR Toner Cartridges

Whether you’re in the banking industry or just want to print your own personal checks and other confidential documents, probably the most vital tools you need is MICR toner. MICR is short for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is a unique method of printing that is used for printing documents that contain information that needs to be securely verified by machines. Liquid ink just won’t perform quite as well or offer a secure way for secure documents to be authorized. Look into how buying a MICR cartridge can allow you to print rather easily. Banks, businesses, and individuals who simply want to manage their finances can all benefit from using MICR printing.

How Does It Work?

MICR printing works differently than liquid printing in a number of ways. The ink itself is actually magnetized and has iron oxide, which is the most evident and purposeful way MICR is different. A particular waveform is also given to each character that’s printed. This provides banks with a safe and successful way in which to validate and process checks. Machines will read the magnetic ink and process the checks rather quickly, with basically no errors. Compared to MICR ink, regular ink won’t be magnetized and won’t contain any waveforms. MICR printing is usually done with special software and the font used on checks is typically used is MICR E-13B.

Bank Entrusted

The unique authentication method that MICR printing provides is the reason why major banks have trusted this method of printing for many years. Chances are you will require MICR toner if you own or manage a bank. MICR printing is the standard way of producing checks and is entrusted in several countries. Look for an ink company that provides you with a huge selection of choices that fit your printer’s specifications. Make sure to use website descriptions and customer service to guarantee that you are choosing the right cartridge for your bank’s printer, since not all MICR cartridges work in all printers.

Printing Your Own Checks

Even if you’re someone who has no connections to a bank, you can still benefit from this method of printing. You’ll be able to produce your own high quality checks, with a MICR cartridge, a compatible printer and blank check stock. You’ll save money down the road if you print your own checks. Blank check stock is a lot cheaper than order checks from your bank, although it may seem expensive to buy a printer, MICR cartridge and software upfront. Therefore, you’ll be saving money with time. You’ll also be saving time since printing checks can be done with the ease of a couple of clicks right in your home or office. It’s also more secure than ordering checks, because your check stock doesn’t come preprinted with your confidential banking information. By printing your own personal checks, you can process and track the finances of your business or household more effectively.

Printing checks is something that may benefit anyone. MICR printing can revolutionize the way you produce checks, whether you are a bank that is required to do so or an individual looking to manage your finances. Now that you know more about the process of printing with a MICR toner, you’re probably all set to get started. Make sure you do business with a company that has confirmed cartridges for your printer and that will meet your individual needs.

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Save Cash With Remanufactured And Compatible Toner Cartridges

Due to the fact that toner cartridges are bulky, weighty and expensive equipment, buying a laser printer is often rather costly. Purchasing a brand new product every time your toner runs out is wasteful, costly, and unnecessary. Why not give remanufactured or compatible choices to try, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to purchasing replacement toner from an original manufacturer? There are several companies that provide this type of cartridge for your laser printer.

What Does It Mean to Be Remanufactured or Compatible?

It’s in essence a used one that has been cleaned, examined, fixed, tested and refilled, when a cartridge is remanufactured. Compared to new ones on a per copy basis, the remanufactured cartridges cost 30-60% less. If a piece is compatible, it implies that even though it was not made by the original manufacturer, it’s going to still work with the appropriate piece of equipment. This is usually when the original equipment manufacturer doesn’t have a patent on the supply designs or when the former patent has expired.

Why Are Original Name Brand Cartridges So Expensive?

Since companies often make very little money on the original printer sale, the name brand toner replacement will be expensive; they make a nice gain when they sell the back up toner. Since consumers will often believe that their products is superior and the only option to work with their printer, their name brand and trademarks are extremely valuable assets.

Things To Look For

If you are thinking about purchasing remanufactured or compatible replacement cartridges, here are some things to consider. Frequently it’s unclear what they mean, when you see terms like refilled, refurbished, reconditioned and remanufactured being thrown around. Some companies claim that they can remanufacture cartridges when really all they do is drill a hole in the side of a used cartridge and refill the ink. A toner cartridge that’s been truly remanufactured is going to be disassembled, cleaned, examined and refilled expertly. Look out for terms like refurbished or reconditioned. Also, used products that have simply been refilled may have issues with leaking or poor print quality. Keep an eye on the sellers that state they sell high end products at unbelievable low prices. The top printer brands will not sell their replacement toner for a relatively discounted price just to certain companies or distributors. It’s likely that the company is trying to pass off remanufactured or compatible equipment as original.

Common Myths

Using one will void a printer’s warranty is a common misguided belief about remanufactured toner products. In actuality, federal law dictates that a warranty cannot be voided by using aftermarket cartridges. The product being subpar is another common myth. The overall performance of the remanufactured toner equipment needs to be just like that of the brand name piece. The companies must work with manufacturers that contain strict ISO 9001 and 14001 procedures set up.

Start Saving

You can begin to enjoy thousands of dollars in savings, if you do your research and find out the type of replacement toner that will work for you. Pick a project that you aren’t in a hurry to finish, and buy a remanufactured or compatible toner cartridge, along with an original name brand one for a backup, if you are reluctant about making the switch. You will most likely be quite happy with the remanufactured/compatible one and can start using them with your company’s product stock. This will be the perfect selection with regards to your bottom line, for keeping the prices in balance for original products and for helping smaller sized companies and the environment. You’ll be happy you made the change to these alternative toner cartridges.
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